Custom Services

Our packages are designed to meet a variety of different web marketing needs, and we created them based on our experiences with the requests and requirements of a broad range of businesses. We also understand that every company is unique and as such, so are their marketing strategies and goals. When your web marketing needs go beyond a set service, our team at Alchemy is here to help with personal and custom solutions. Click on the below categories to read more about some of our custom services and then send us a note to let us know what you’re looking for.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is quickly becoming a can’t-skip aspect of any well-rounded online marketing plan. With 90% of search-based website traffic originating from the page one search results, if your site is buried lower in the ranking you are missing out on an incredibly valuable traffic source. There are many designers or content producers out there who claim to know search engine optimization. Unless you have utilized a service dedicated purely to SEO, however, you aren’t getting the results you deserve. At Alchemy Web Marketing, we are experts in every step of the process, from initial keyword identification to on-page optimization, and from site architecture to sustained link-building campaigns and content generation. We have a tried and true process for moving you up the search rankings, and we know how to implement it. SEO takes time, and the sooner we get started the sooner we can have you moving up the rankings.

Paid search can get your website visibility and it can get it fast. The strength of this method is why our PPC Packages are one of our main focuses at Alchemy. If you’re looking for something a bit different from or perhaps beyond our set packages, we can certainly help with a custom solution. Maybe you’d like some consulting on PPC or display advertising campaigns that are lacking in their luster or maybe your ad budget extends well above our basic levels. Whatever the case, we are experts at keyword analysis and research, as well as setting the proper ad parameters for your campaign, from beginner accounts to our extensive experience with large, corporate campaigns, and we can help you maximize the efficiency of your ad campaign, resulting in higher conversion rates and higher ROI.

Social media as a marketing avenue continues to grow in importance.  With the plethora of platforms out there, it can be overwhelming to wrap your head around social media and how to cultivate an online relationship with your customers. At Alchemy, we can help you set up a new, fully customized social media campaign or inject life into a preexisting one.  We are experts at driving fan engagement and website traffic from social media sources, and we can help you achieve the metrics you are looking for, whether they are Likes, Shares, Follows, Retweets, Mentions, or Pins.

Not only are more and more people using search engines to find local businesses, Google and Bing are promoting their local listings more strongly in search results.  Local search optimization is an often overlooked aspect of online marketing, and neglecting your local search presence risks losing out on a source of high-conversion traffic. At Alchemy, we know the ropes for getting results from local search. We can help you rightfully claim your business listing, and help you set it up perfectly for strong local and map-based search results.  In addition, we will continually monitor your local listing to ensure accuracy and reputation management with reviews attached to the listing by customers.

Many pundits have long claimed that the death of email marketing was imminent.  However, the day still has not come, and email marketing remains an important part of any online marketing plan. At Alchemy Web Marketing, we know all the tricks of the trade to help you achieve the highest open and clickthrough rates possible.  We can help you with all aspects of your email marketing contact list, including setup, building, segmentation, cleanup, and active management. In addition, we can build you custom signup forms and email templates, or we can fully-manage your email marketing campaign for you.

Website traffic data can be intimidating. There are a seemingly endless number of ways to break down the numbers and if you aren’t sure what you are looking at it can all start to run together.  At Alchemy, we know how to pick the important patterns out of the madness. Using the data we process, we can see what works on your site and what doesn’t, and follow user behaviors on the site in order to makes recommendations about how to best optimize for the highest possible conversion rates.  We love working up our regularly scheduled reports and tracking your websites traffic patterns over time, and we’ll make sure when you get the results they are crystal clear. We’re also thrilled to create custom reports for our clients that can include a range of needed information such as organization specific metrics, social media statistics, and direct action items.

At Alchemy Web Marketing, we want your website to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Our cutting edge web development techniques mean that your website will not only be strikingly interesting to your visitors, but also exceptionally effective in promoting your business, brand, and message. We have expertise in quality site layout, architecture, responsive design, and best practices, so the user will quickly understand and enjoy your website, driving user engagement and ensuring the greatest possible conversion rates from all of the platforms through which your customers access your business. At Alchemy, we create websites whose designs shine in the spotlight and look good behind the scenes when it is time to review the bottom line. If you’re interested in custom options beyond our stellar Web Design Packages, contact us today and we’ll get to work on a solution that works for you.

Maybe you think your business’ online marketing needs a kick in the tires, but you aren’t sure where to start. Maybe you have an in-house “web guy” or “web gal,” but you aren’t sure what their priorities should be.  Even if you aren’t interested in our managed services, our team is available for consulting on any and all of our areas of expertise. If you loved your Web Presence Audit and want to chat further, a web design and marketing consultation is a perfect place to start. We’d love to help out, and get excited talking shop with marketers and business owners.